Winding Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs require winding and are found above the garage door opening mounted along drums and cables on a torsion tube shaft.  After you achieve equal tension on your garage door cables, you are ready to apply tension to the Torsion Springs.  If mounting a pair of Torsion springs, they will sandwich the center support that is anchored to the house framing.  From standing inside the garage looking out to the driveway, mount your Right Winding Spring (Red Winding Cone) on the left of center bracket.  Your winding cone should be pointing to the left.  If, Left Winding Spring, (Black Winding Cone)  should be mounted on opposite side pointing to the right.

Cables are secure and tight and now Torsion springs are bolted to center mount support.  When winding garage door springs you just need to remember 1 full turn or revolution per 1' garage door height + 1/2 turn.  So, for most garage doors which are 7' tall, you would wind each spring 7-1/2 full turns or 30 quarter turns which ever is easier to remember.  I use quarter turns.  Eight foot tall garage doors require 8-1/2 full turns and so on.  For low headroom track or double track, deduct 1/4 turn. 

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